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Dr Sandar Hlaing

I am a General Practitioner for NHS at Swansea SA1 Medical Centre.

I am passionate in providing physical, mental and holistic support to women of all ages at various stages of their life, be it in , early reproductive years, peri-menopause, menopause or ages of memory decline, dementia, chronic illnesses and chronic pain. Throughout my career, I have sought out further learning in various aspects of these areas so that I can help my patients better and more efficiently.

I regularly publish useful, up-to-date, evidence-based information ,  on physical , mental, relationship help and help on child development for women,  on my social media accounts. Please Click on following tabs for educational info on Instagram , Linkedin,  Facebook & Twitter.

Further detailed & tailored information can also be found on following tab for Resources Section of this page.

I also provide private General Practice, Aesthetic Medicine, Menopause and Women’s Health Clinics at

1192 clinic, Stadium

Women’s Health, Menopause,Incontinence Services,Botox, PRP, fillers

Saturday AM 9:30-12:30
Tel: 01792651412

Sancta Maria Hospital

Women’s Health, Menopause, Elderly Care, Heart Failure, Memory and Wellness Checks

Friday PM 5-7
Tel: 01792479040,

IGP, Cardiff Gate, CF23 8RS

Remote – Menopause and GP Clinic – Friday 9-13

Coil/Implant Clinic Thursday 9-12
Tel: 0345625252

I believe in a friendly, tailored, holistic, shared management approach to clinical practice.

I have 20+ years’ experience in various branches of medicine, concentrating in Women’s Physical & Mental Health, Menopause & Elderly Care & Lifestyle Medicine.


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